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    So i am seriously thinking of selling my little used X2 CNC (Ball Screw) Mini Mill.
    It is about 10 years old and has had very little use, in fact last time i used it to cut some perspex was 3 years ago so makes no sense me owning it.
    I purchased an X2 milling machine and a Syil conversion kit and had the conversion work done by an engineering firm in North Wales.
    I built it used it to machine up the perspex i need for the project i was working on and only used it a few times since for various little jobs.
    Only been used on plastics, wood and one small aluminium project.
    Comes complete with the Syil controller box and TWO SPARES NEW Axis Control Cards and one faulty card that i think could be fixed.

    Also a Machine Vice, Clamping Kit, Drill Chuck, Some MT3 Collets and Milling Tools.
    PLUS All the original X2 Mill pre CNC conversion parts, like lead screws etc etc.

    Not sure what to ask but New Syil X2 CNC Mill without tools is on EB at 2690 or X2 CNC conversion kit at 2695 via AmaDeal

    Think is Collection only from ST5 Post Code.

    Many thanks for looking IMK

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    Is this sold?

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