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    You may need to dissasemble further to avoid damaging the flex ring ( bendy cog ), if you dissasemble further it wil give you more ways of gripping the screws, perhaps a heat cycle on the screws would help quick blast on the top of the screw till red and let cool before trying to remove.

    Need to be very clean on reassemby, because of the very fine pitch quite small foreign bodies will quickly ruin the drive.

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    Broken studs removed, new tool shopping opportunity sadly missed, drive reassembled less screws, M2.5 taps ordered to clean out threads. Gave it 50 turns without noticeable sticking points so probably okay. Having arrived, been taken apart, looked at and reassembled it has probably achieved it's purpose and can now comfortably rest in a drawer until my son finds it after I have snuffed.
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  3. cheaper. shipped from Germany as well.

    what about this one? harmonic drive they say.

  4. hi chaz. any idea where you have seen them cheaper. the only place I have seen is china and then you get vat and import on them so doesn't work out

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