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    I have decided the X-carve is completely useless as you have pointed out it is far too weak and wobbly for the hard work of machining large lumps of aluminium or working 24/7 cutting out commercial products

    Unless you have a budget of about 10K or more it is a waste of time

    An X-carve is only really useful for light work like cutting out some small signs or the odd small thing

    So i have upped my budget to 10K


    Can anyone recommend a machine for 10K that can be used for light work like cutting out some small signs or the odd small thing

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    A little extreme lol, if you want to get an Xcarve just get one no need to defend it but seriously check out the shapeoko 3 first as they are about the same price and the Xcarve is a shapeoko v2 check out it's history and the differences.

    Version 3 is a lot more solid than the Xcarve but has minor wobble in the Z axis, Xcarve has more flex in the gantry but more solid Z axis.

    Personally if I had to choose between the 2 I would go with the shapeoko v3 and remake the Z axis plate to be solid which a lot of people do. You really should check out the shapeoko forums and Xcarve forums to really get an idea of what you can do with one.

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    Not sure what is wrong with the Xcarve shown in that video but my Xcarve certainly does not flex anything like that!

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