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    Thanks for the reply. I have seen this one but the price tag is rediculus.
    I was hoping someone would know if there's anyone who has the capacity to make a similar job
    Have you spoken to the Russian guy from the video above? What does he want for the machine?

    If you are not happy to pay a lot of money in Europe, i could outsource you a machine from China, i have agent there and serious people that i work with. PM me and see if we can arrange something

    You could buy it yourself from China as a cheapest solution, but if you don't know a thing about CNC or just don't know enough, i would greatly recommend not to do so, as many chinese machines are just copy of the copy... Not to speak of that many Chinese will not pay you any attention at all or will put to test your nervous system. Saving a commission could result in a serious mistake. Just saying.

    Another thing is how heavy it could be? You will need some serious reinforcing of the van or so. And a good van for it. What's your limit?

    Mechanically i can design the machine and build it and ship it to you. Absolutely no idea how to do the scanning but when you have the money to pay, it should be very easy to find somebody to do the job.

    You should be realistic though, i see here the need of servo motors, good controller, precision rails and so on for the final result to be perfect finish. The lathe head part could be simplified but very big bearings are a must there, cause this will always try to oscillate. As the russian guy noted, he had to upgrade the bearings for better finish.
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    It's almost like what you are needing is a converted vertical boring mill but at the size you need will probably break the suspension on your vehicle.

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    The machine does not have to be heavy but has to be extremely rigid. Which is a contradiction in a way as typically they are connected. The way to do that is forget everything else and designs all from scratch. And use oversized bearings and linear plus ground ball screws. It needs only 2 axis plus rotational.

    At the end of the day the depth of cut here is only 0.5mm at the most. And finish is what matters. I am quite sure that could be achieved under 1000kg. I just don't get where they put that steel, now i looked and chinese machines are 2.8t
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