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    from quite some time i wanted to share my findings and save fellow DIYers some cash , speaking of Spray Paint Guns.

    I have had various Devilbiss, Sagola, 3M and some chinese. from 500 to 10e .

    So i will tell you straight:

    You need only 2 cheap guns to cover your basic needs in a small workshop or if you are building CNC and here they are:

    1. F75 spray gun 1.5mm nozzle
    . Ridiculous 10 euro gun . Ebay number 142241555112

    This is my new gun from before a month as i hacked up my 400$$ 3M gun and did not want to spend 60euro on a nozzle. This is the best bang for a buck ever

    This spray gun sprays epoxy , polyurethane, water based acrylic, wood lacquer, wood tint. Thick or thin. Its up for a job like spraying a whole machine or even a car or a van. Though its not a big gun with a large deposit. I dont know what the chinese did and who copied, but this thing is a beast.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    2. 0.5mm K3 spray gun
    , again 10 euros. Ebay number 311236578956

    This is the retouch gun. i have used it a couple of years. this is the paint gun for small objects, details, letters, signage, etc. Where you do not want to spend too much paint

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	K3 spray gun.JPG 
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    As you may note you can use these guns from ANY position spraying up or down vertically. These babies put to shame any other chinese copy for the money and quality, not to speak of that many producers should be ashamed that 10euro gun sprays better than their brand ones.

    As i am a very practical person, my advice is to buy 2 of each if you are in some fabrication.

    And if you are in a serious fabrication or automotive business the choice will be the 3M 16580 Accuspray Spray Gun System with Standard PPS . I have the previous ACCUSPRAY gun and it was the best gun ever. but i refuse to pay 40$ for a nozzle. Sp this new Accuspray gun has plastic nozzles that you use a couple of times and when they clog, just throw them. isnt that great. Nozzles are cheap.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	accuspray 3m_.jpg 
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    So as a conclusion if you are to have only One Do All Spray gun, then the F75 1.5mm nozzle is the gun for you
    . And drink a beer with the money saved.

    Hope thats helpfull
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    Thanks Boyan for the tips. I am new to spray painting and I was thinking to start with some cheap spray guns. I already ordered both of them :)

    I have to prepare a lot of mdf with two part polyurethane sealer and primer (not paint). Do you think the F75 spray gun will do the job?

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    Very good info, I wish I have found an article like that years ago and before many paint guns and airbrushes ,lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boyan Silyavski View Post
    And drink a beer with the money saved.
    Best advice I've seen on here so far ;)

    nice post. My first CNC build WIP 120cm*80cm

    If you didn't buy it from China the company you bought it from did ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desertboy View Post
    Best advice I've seen on here so far ;)

    nice post.

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    @ Boyan Silyavski,

    I totaly disagree with you. These two sprayguns are totaly watse of time and waste of money. To explain in details:

    After reading your enthusiastic review, I was stupid enough to forget my "if you pay peanuts, you buy monkeys" and decided to buy both of these Chinese-made spray guns from ebay. Like to hear my pesrsonal review? NONE of them works! Yes, they are good to spray air only or maybe fill cup with water and play a little, but these spray guns are actually useless! Reason? It is IMPOSSIBLE to disassemble them in order to clean them after paint spray.

    I DARE you to show us pictures with these cheap Chinese-made "F75" and "K3" spray guns fully disassembled, with needles and nozzles free and ready for clean. To make my point more interesting, I dare to ANYONE who already purchased these cheap HVLP copies, to post pictures presenting the areas shown into following pictures disassembled. Long strory short. Wanna waste money? Buy one of these. I was stupid enough to buy both, because I thought these were a "bargain" as I was fooled by the review. These cheap Chinese-made spray guns are crap.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    I take it you did you not read the small text: 使用一次,并倒掉 it reads Use once and throw away.


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    Phill, are you high or sth? "I DARE YOU..." , "It is IMPOSSIBLE to disassemble...". Do you think me for a fool to recommend something in forum which i have not tested at least an year/in fact 3years/. Or you missed to read my other gun is 400euro paint gun, so i have a base to compare.

    If i have to explain you how to disassemble a screw, even if its stuck, then this is not the exact place me thinks. Its a CNC forum, not "Fix it at home". Anyway if some people were drinking Coca Cola instead of stronger liquids, they will know the answer, at least for steel screws.

    Firts of all you dont need to disasemble the back part to clean the needle. The needle is cleaned when you disassemble the nozzle. In fact you need to do that every couple of times of use, but not always, if you clean the gun using water or the respective thinner, right after use. Fill can with thinner, spray a bit and then with your finger stop air from nozzle. What happens then its bubles start inside the gun and go oput back from ca, that cleans pretty well the needle without dissassembly. Though i always dissassemble when using 2k paint.

    I use these guns daily without any problems or need for more expensive guns. Even painted my car with the bigger one. So why dont you take a step back, find a good brand tool like Stanley and unscrew it. With crappy tools there may be a problem if you push too much.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    @ Boyan Silyavski,

    As expected, your pics shows these cheap crap HVLPs without having the needles extracted. For example, the so called "K3" is a cheap copy of the Iwata's HVLP - I guess you already know that. According to instructions, the yellow marked screw need to be extracted in order to release the spring and slide the needle out and clear the way to easily clean the parts. None of this can happen and as far as I see in your picture, you also cannot remove the needle. So, I wonder how you clean the needle... or maybe you dont?

    Show the K3 FULLY disassembled! Can you? I bet not! Know why? Because these screws (that should be possible to be extracted) are manufactured by Chinese copy makers as one part fixed on aluminum body.

    Long story short? As said before, I was fooled by your enthousiastic review and believed that these cheap crap can do the job. Obviously, they cannot

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    On all of my 4 spray guns, you do not need to fully disassemble to take out the needle. You just fully unscrew the paint volume screw, remove the return spring and pull out the needle. This K3 looks as though it is the same, so why the problem?
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