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    Hi everyone. I am hoping for some input on this.

    I have a novamill I run daily already using Mach 3, simple interface into the Smartstep/3 board and the V3 spindle driver from what was diycnc.
    I works great, ive been using it for a year, its dog slow but works ok.

    So after looking for a new machine Ive realised, for say 500 i could probably make this little beauty a lot faster and probably more stable in the long run,and in the big scheme of things its not much money to spend on an already great little machine. So in my view a worthwhile investment.
    So far I have
    3 x leadshine M542's

    Either of these motion controllers
    depending on how flush i'm feeling.

    Ive already got the v3 spindle driver setup with the original sprint spindle driver, i may swap it out for the V5 but otherwise why mess with it.

    Where im stuck is the breakout board.
    Ive read a couple of post suggesting the leafboy akz250 - but as far as I know runs off 5v, id be better keeping everything 24v wouldnt I?

    The same place the drivers come from sell a 20v - 55v Bob
    IDK if its even what I need
    from what i have read i could use a cheap chinese bob and still be winning, is that really true?

    I suppose where this is different to other conversion threads is i already have a working conversion, I need this machine to run during the week, so i'm looking for a quick and simple weekend job to change the control electronics. keep the spindle driver as is, and use the existing power scheme as far as is viable.

    Thanks in advance
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    The CSMIO/IP-M I believe comes with the BOB.

    I personalty would not power anything from the usb port
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    Yes thats fair point. 24v system with a 5 volt connecting to the pc what a let down :/ lol

    Does it really? i always assumed it was just a motion controller , but would still need an isolated board to mange all the i/o

    So it could be much more simple than I first thought. as long as I could work out the wiring for it of course.

    I'll be honest, ive got no clue what i'm doing, but i'm sure i can work it out with a little help.
    I did start another thread a while back to try and use the smartstep/3 with the IP-M but its sounds like it would be pointless. as the IP-M would be making the smart step redundant?
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    So as far as I can see unless i'm missing something.
    I can use the I-pm with whatever half decent 20 - 40v drivers I can find.

    I was going to keep my existing steppers (SANYO DC 3,6V 1,4A, 1.8deg (nema23) ) but it seems pointless for little amount of work it would be to change them.

    I already have the spindle set up with the sprint board and DIYcnc spindle driver.

    So it should just be a matter of wiring it all up then right?

    Or am I missing something serious?
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    Finally got around to making the order with zapp
    1 x CSMIO/IP-M
    3 x EM503
    1 x 48 v psu
    and 4 metres of 4 core shielded cable

    Waiting on the 503's to come into stock.

    I made the decision to keep my original steppers for now, partly for fault finding , ive had problem loosing steps on the z axis only for some time, so I wanted to find out for sure in the end if it was the stepper or the drivers.
    Also the Z axis is going to be a problem to change the Stepper, If and when it does get replaced it will have to be flipped upside down and come out of the column as below there is only 60mm between the mount plate and the spindle motor. I did find a Nema 34 through motion controls which might just fit though @ 65mm but its OOS anyway :/
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