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    hi there

    my name is paul and the question I have is has anyone ever engraved or milled vermiculite board , I ask as
    I have a glass kiln and vermiculite can withstand heat over 1000 degrees c , and I have a few ideas for use if at all possible ,

    thank you in advance

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    Weirdly enough yes I used a CNC router with standard wood bits. It's soft and easy to cut as well as a bit fluffy. The stuff I had had a graduated consistency like chipboard. Fine stuff on the surface with coarser bits in the middle and bigger gaps. I was thinking of using it for casting. It worked but the loose softer texture in the middle meant it was no good for fine details but the texture was interesting sort of roughcast.

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    hi thanks for that may I ask how deep you engraved , as I was thinking at around 6mm deep ,

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    I definitely went deeper than that. It routed well at that depth I think.

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    What about milling graphite block? It will hold more details.
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    hi there

    thanks for your reply , never thought about other materials , as it would depend what if any chemicals at in the graphite block ,
    that would damage or rust the kiln elements , but it is a thought ,

    thank you


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