1. Hi All,
    Does anyone have experience using an 80mm Insert cutter to face off brass or Ali sheets. I'm trying to improve the finish and would appreciate input on feeds, speeds and strategies. Only removing between 50 and 150um. Milling Cutter has 6 inserts. Hurco i20 machine. 10000rpm spindle but don't run this tool above 4000rpm. Solid machine, decent torquey spindle
    Cheers, Paul
    Paul Seddon

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    on our vmc's I would run that at 5000rpm and between 1000-1200mm/min

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    forgot to say make sure you are using polished aluminium grade tips

  4. Thanks very much John. Will try on monday. Will let you know how I get on.
    cheers, paul
    Paul Seddon

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