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    I'm thinking of building a cnc router to help with my hobby of building and flying radio Control scale gliderrs. These can be very intricate and difficult to cut the parts for. I can draw in 2d CAD and am looking to build a simple cnc roouter to do this.

    Any suggestions as to machines and electronics would be much appreciated.

  2. Welcome belfastboy,

    Assuming you want to construct your own and not buy something off the shelf, there are many designs available. I cannot give you a recommendation (others may chip in here), a lot depends on the work size you require. Many here have designed their own using ideas off the web. A lot can be done with a simple design built from MDF using basic hand tools. A home-built device with a work area 500mm x 500mm can be done for as little as 200 - 300 with care as long as low (0.1mm) accuracy and low speed is acceptable.

    Both the Solsylva and Rockcliffe designs are well represented but there are many other sites.

    A quick Google findsthe following too:

    to start with.

    My recommendation to you is do a lot of reading, be clear about what you want the machine to do (and be realistic about your DIY/construction skills and your budget), and ask lots of questions... but above all, do it!


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