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    What's the board?
    I replaced the cheap Chinese Arduino on my i3 clone with an official one, but only to keep the original firmware on the board shipped with the printer and run my modified Marlin compilation on a separate board.
    Hi Nick,

    It's a MightyBoard S3G, but there are differences with the Wanhao having an external card reader. I have now replaced the card reader to find that it was not the cause of the problem, so I am intending to ship the machine to the UK agent to get it sorted.

    I have tried to connect the printer to my Win 7 computer with replicator G, but cannot get a suitable driver installed. Replicator G keeps saying the com port selected is already in use.
    Amongst the Chinese instructions it says install the FDTI (FTDI?) driver, like wot Arduino uses, but it won't do it, and the installed driver for that com port is the windows default Usbser.

    TBH, I am getting titsed with the problem and also the lack of info that makes sense on the Wanhao website.
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    There's a common issue with the Arduino driver and Win 7, I had it work for a couple of compile/update sessions and then a week later I plugged in an Arduino and I'm buggered if it would work, repeated uninstall & re-install cycles did eventually prevail.
    I found, but didn't keep, some key info located whilst Googling the problem, I'm sure you could replicate my success!
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    The printer is going to be sent back to the Wanhao agent. I fitted a new card reader, but that was no cure, so I have no more patience to mess about with it.

    In line with the good service I have previously received the card reader arrived with a new display connector cable FOC. The new reader will be returned and a refund was offered.

    I have tried to connect it to my Win7 machine using USB, but the drivers are not installing properly, so I am sending the printer back so I can get on with other things.
    Albert Einstein may have been a genius, but his brother Frank, was a monster

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