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    Yeah so with that, to do 4.5asf as per caswell guide you would mix 1L of that to 3L distilled water.

    You can get 1L of 98% sulphuric acid on amazon for that price, but there is an argument to be made that buying battery acid is safer. Sulphuric Acid Pure (H2SO4) Min. 98% 1*Litre

    If you go the 98% route needless to say you need to be effing careful with it, especially when mixing with water.
    Yea I only got chemical gloves and glasses. No HEV suit...

    Happy to just get the 33%.

  2. Hmmmm Not looking great...

    Ill leave it in the dye for 15 mins and come back.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh

  4. #54
    Great - glad we managed to dig to the bottom of the problem!

    good job :)

  5. Just want to check.

    1L of 33% battery acid (I have 31-38%) mixed with 3L of water for 4.5asf?
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