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  1. (probably why it doesnt work lol)

    Ya could be right there, start with contacting Rhonmac.


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    do you use Aspire yourself Phill? if you do would it be possible please for you to output me a simple file 100mm X 100mm project size and a pocket of 60mm X 60mm depth of 30mm tool size 8mm mill, that way I will be able to check if my software is working correctly. Thanks not to worry if you cant or dont use.

  3. Yes mate on it now

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    awesome thank you

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    cheers Phill will let you know tomorrow

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    Hi Phill
    Same unfortunately the tap file cut ok for around 5 cuts then went left by approx 20mm (the bit doesn't like being shoved across a thick piece of wood) and the second file cut to the right approx the same at least I can rule out Aspire as the culprit, going to make a phone call me thinks.

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    Solved turns out my Mach 3 copy is corrupt what did I expect as it came with my long dead Chinese laser machine so I now need to purchase a new Mach 3. Big thanks to Phill for going beyond the call really helped me nail down the issue.

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    If you purchased a proper licence, then you should be able to download Mach3 and use the same licence. If the licence came with the Chinese laser, then it is probably a 'pirate' and the download won't work with it.
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    yeah should have realised :) reg to papa somebody just have to wait for payday now.

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    papa fabio strikes again.
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