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    Hi all,
    I have brought some electrical components from China for my self build Cnc router, a DB25-1205 bob, DQ542MA drivers and 57BYGH115-003 stepper motors, it came as parts but no electrical diagrams or instructions.
    The wiring layout off of YouTube shows VCC to Enb+, Pul- and Dir- to Grd. Pul+ to P2 and Dir+ to P3.
    The 36v to the motors and the wiring of the steppers seems straight forward.
    But no movement on the motors, am I missing something?
    I am running Mach3 and have followed the setup video by Paul Campbell which I think is Artcams training video, still no joy.
    The motor gets quite warm/hot if left on, and there are signs of life, viz slight buzzing when turned on.
    I am using an old XP which needed a parallel port installed, does this need configuring for key actions?
    Really appreciate any input.

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    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...


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