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    What do you guys typically use for steps per revolution on your drivers?

    Step per rev isn't a setting you can pick or choose. It's an absolute calculation that is derived from several factors. The pitch of the ballscrew, Microsteps set on drives and any mechanical ratio.

    If your unsure mach3 can do this for you. Go to settings tab and just above Reset you'll see Set Steps per button. Click this and select the axis want to set. It will then ask for distance to move. Enter a value, make it small to start with, then measure how far it actually moved and enter the amount. Mach3 will then calc and set the steps per for you.
    Do this for each axis using a small value to start then repeat and set over a longer distance. Very important you measure accurately.

  2. I think I asked wrong question. From this reply, I think I meant to ask what you typically use for microsteps? On my DM560B clone from Long's, you set dip switched for pulse/rev - that's what I mean. Oh, and I'm not using Mach3 - I'm using Centroid Acorn.

    I have it at 400 and empirically determined a setting (turns/in. I think it was) in the Acorn config wizard to get 0.100" movement for 0.100" called for (oh yeah, I'm using Imperial measurements But, when I ask for 0.100", it will sometimes go to 0.1004" - I assume because of resolution limitations.

    <steps away>

    So, I just went and set the dip switches on the DM560B to 2000 pulse/rev and updated it in Acorn controller too. I set up a dial indicator and am getting pretty damn good accuracy for an initial setup. After 5 moves of 0.100" my DTI reads about a needles width off - maybe couple tenths. If I go back, it is dead on zero again. AND, now I get a readout on Centroid of 0.1000" for a move instead of 0.1004" or something.

    But, what am I sacrificing with the tiny microsteps? I seem to remember you lose torque - but is there a rule of thumb as to what we can get away with? I know it would depend on material and such, I was really wondering what most folks used for microstep.

    Long way around there! And also, the irony of a Yank asking Brits about how to get good Imperial movement from metric leadscrews?! You folks put the Empire in Imperial! LOL.


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    ok makes more sense now. When it comes to MS then speed of controller comes into play because the higher the MS the more pulses are required. So some lesser controllers cannot provide enough pulses to allow high feed rates a router requires. In which case you'd use a lower Ms amount.
    In your case you have more than enough pulses so can afford to go higher on the MS. However going much above 2000 is wasted because steppers cannot resolve to much more than this.
    The main advantage of higher MS is smoother motor action. Yes you'll lose little torque with high MS but not enough to worry about or even notice.

    Typical MS for router is 1600 or 2000.
    However the drives/motors and how they are affected by resonance can come into play when selecting MS. Some motor/drives combo's don't perform very well with certain MS settings because of resonance. This is esp true of some Analog drives which I think the Long's DM560B are, they are basicly Leadshine DM copies. So in cases like these you some times have to select different Ms setting to try move out of the resonance range.
    Resonance will and does cripple performance so if you start getting stalling motors or struggle to get good velocity then chances are resonance is affecting the drives/motors.

    Digital drives handle resonance much better so are not affected as much, if at all, it's also big reason why they perform so much better than Analog drives.
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  4. Thanks for the info, Jazz. I am fiddling with it. At this point, I have it at 2000. So far, I am at 200 IPM with no apparent problems. Obviously, this is very preliminary, but I'm pretty happy:


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