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    Same tumbler I have from the looks of it.

    Do you have a high res pic of the finish with the 10mm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeeflyboy View Post
    Same tumbler I have from the looks of it.

    Do you have a high res pic of the finish with the 10mm?

    Can get the DSLR out tomorrow.

    Just put some old parts into it today for like 6 hours and they came out quite nice. Though I think I put too much soap in there...
    Annoyingly the tap that was included with mine could not screw in all the way and the thread was a bit off/loose.
    Means I can't half empty it with the pipe. Will have to get after market pipe to fix that. The amount of dirt that is coming off makes me want to put it through a filter?

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    I've got no idea if household soap will work or not, I just bought a bottle from Moleroda.

    The way commercial systems work, is they periodically inject some water/soap in, and there's a drain plug at a suitable height to let excess run out.

    I think the drain plug on the tumbler is at a suitable height for a similar setup, but you are correct in that the supplied tap is a rubbish fit. I bought new fittings to create a more robust setup, however it's still on my roundtuit list.

    For filtering, letting the run off sit in a container would probably be enough to let the vast majority of debris settle out.
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    Come back at 7pm :p

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    The sun went away so here is inside workshop. I should have taken a photo of them inside instead of outside but should show you the difference.
    These 2 bits are just test pieces I did when I first got the 6040. So really bad edges and I left about 0.02mm on the deck then cut them from it using a knife.
    Left a really sharp edge but as you can see it has taken most of it off.

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    Looks pretty decent - might have to grab a bag!
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    I wish I had something to compare it to.
    But does what I need..

    55 a bag though. Lot more than 20mm which is less than half the price. Wonder if one could make their own....?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicniner View Post
    1. To get it flat linish or sand.
    2. To get it smooth polish.
    3. To get rid of the mirror finish blast, vibrate or tumble with a media to break the surface.

    This will give you precise control of your surface finish, I use triangular ceramic media in a tumbler to matt the finish of some parts I manufacture to match the WD originals,

    - Nick
    That should be written in big bold black words. Finishing is an art itself. I believe i have invested in finishing as much money as all else together in my workshop. And am constantly piling up different machines and materials related to that.

    The finest sand, almost dust like at 1-2 euro 25kg bag+mini sandblaster gun from Lidl gives me the nice matte finish for small parts. For seconds.
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