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    I'm looking to buy a medium sized CNC machine / have one built for me. 1200mm x 600mm XY travel, 150mm z travel. Materials wise - plywood, mdf etc... then some max 1mm aluminium / copper, and possibly some plastic.

    I've mainly looked at STONEY CNC and the machines they offer. They seemed legit until the well informed (JAZZCNC) have their say - like on the STRIKE CNC and the JBEC router threads.

    So I have two questions:

    1 - I want to start from the beginning - where can I find reliable information either in youtube links, online threads or books that cover the basics to the more advanced. If I don't get a reply then I'll just start trawling and make notes.

    2 - The more informed refer to Gecko and Excell machines. For my requirements (which need to be more detailed ) are they any good or could I get someone on here to build me a machine... which is more economical. My budget is 6 - 7k and it's all inclusive i.e Extraction system, ducting, machine, spindle, software, electronics, bits etc... imagine you had nothing and wanted to start straight away - that list.



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    So I've been trawling,

    I'd love to get my hands on the T-690 CNC Routing Centre by excell cnc - but at 13k ex vat, it's way out of my price range. So I guess my question for the more experienced / informed is what's the equivalent cost for a self build to a similar spec - or is that a pretty good deal?


    The reason why I'm looking into CNC routers is because I want to design and manufacture doll houses and doll house furniture and turn that into a business. I don't have a lot of space in my flat - hence why I'm leaning towards off the shelf / someone else builds its, then I can rent a studio and start straight away ish. I'd love to build one, but realistically being a novice and also working full time I think it would probably take a good few months to set it up / build - then I have the learning curve of converting CAD to G-code and everything else related to CNC machining. Studio space in London is not cheap.

    Currently i've got 2 weeks off work and after attempting to surf these monstrous waves in devon this saturday (thanks ophelia) I'm going to keep reading and browsing. So open to discussion, being pushed around or called ignorant. Point is I don't know how long a piece of a string I need, but I'm sure one of you does, so will be grateful for your knowledge and insight.

    Obviously my other route is outsourcing the machining to someone else.... I know a few companies in London, but ideally I'd like to have my own machine for knowledge and prototyping capabilities.

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    so I'm just gonna keep this as a log for now. I've been looking at the forum and threads. I like it. Like some people have said threads can be a bit sticky or get de-railed, but never the less are entertaining and crammed full of information.

    For now, I'm going to keep on reading, looking at build threads and picking up on good design, terminology and the essential mechanisms etc... Again if anyone knows any good video tutorials that goes through a machine bit by bit then I'd love that.

    I'd also still love know what one of you thinks a self build to similar specs of the t-690 routing centre by excel would cost. Have any of you seen any self builds which are similar i.e documented with vacuum beds and filtration etc..?

    Like i said in my earlier posts, I'm probably going to buy an off the shelf, unless someone can build one on here for me... or is there something that I can buy off the shelf and modify easily? but thats for my first machine. I have a feeling that once i get one I'll want to build my own. And after a few years will do so, because from what I've read on this forum self builds are they way to go.



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