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    I don't really want to post this, but the resident grumpy Yorkshire man passed away this morning.

    More details can be found over on the model engineer forum - http://www.model-engineer.co.uk/foru....asp?th=131147

    I know I've always enjoyed his both knowledgeable and funny posts starting from the usenet days, and he's going to be badly missed.
    John lived just up the road from me and I had the pleasure of chatting in his workshop a few times. A very knowledgeable fellow who, despite having short thrift for idiots (which is possibly a more polite way of saying "grumpy"), was always ready to share his knowledge and experience with this particular idiot. I suppose it helped that I always came armed with Hobnobs.

    RIP John, you were a credit to the community and a great person to have met.

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    Not been on the forum for the last year or so, and have just logged in to hear this very sad and shocking news. I am lucky enough to have met John a couple of times and had several telephone chats with him. A very knowledgeable and helpful chap. Bon voyage John - you will be sorely missed. Geoff.

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    Lee has just sent me a message telling me the unfortunate news...

    All I can say is what a top bloke he was, I went round to his place a few times, usually just to pick his brain or borrow something off of him, when I thought I would just nip in for 10 mins and end up being there for 2 hours was not a chore at all, he told me many a story and usually had me crying with laughter..

    Grumpy was how he came across but underneath he was the most generous helpful man that I think I have met and had an unbelievable wealth of knowledge.

    I now wish that I had called in a month ago when passing by his place.....

    Condolences to his family, an amazing bloke who will be sorely missed...

  4. May he be at peace. I learned a lot from him on the forum and will miss his wit and wisdom. I hope i can help as many folks as he did in his time on this and other forums. John S you are wished best and missed. Thanks Lee for letting me know as I have been very busy off forum and this is important.

    I wish healing for his family and all his close friends.
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    Just logged in to see the sad news.

    My condolences to his family also.

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    John is a Mensch, always was, always will be.
    John's advice was Sage and his wit was sharp.
    We're a Great Guy short with his loss!
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    I just came across this thread this evening and wish to add my condolences to John's family and sadness of discovering this news. When I first joined this forum, John one of the first to offer good advice in helping me to optimise my design. His posts were always funny and the "offer of hobnobs" was all he needed.

    We have lost a knowledgeable contributor to this forum

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    Funny how things bring back memories. Yesterday I had computer troubles and was going thru old emails etc in prep of wiping my PC and found some emails from John.
    We've sent each other 100's emails and messages over the years but these were about when we used to go onto another well known American CNC zone and wind up our American cousins just for a laugh.!! . . . .Americans just don't get our sense of humor..

    His sense of humor was so dry and funny he had me in stitches most of the time. On the other hand, we used to rip the f#'k out of each other and argue like cat n dog and he was a grumpy stubborn old Bas''#d but I think about him most weeks and cannot tell you how many times I've had an engineering challenge and thought John would now how to do this.! . . . He's missed so much, by me at least.! . . . . And I hate Mike's Hobnobs last week thinking of you John S with a smile on my face..
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    sad news i was up his house some years back to buy several old bt power supplies he was selling,clearly new his stuff,rip fella

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