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    Even to this day, if you buy a CNC machine that has a fanuc control (or one like it, like the Haas and Mitsubishi controls), and you want a Renishaw or Marposs probe, all the routines are written in macro b, and all the calculations and intermediate steps are just clever use of the variables.

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    Like I said, Mach4 Industrial is supposed to have full Fanuc B. I can't tell you what the current state of development is, though. I have a copy installed here, but don't see any documentation covering it.

    I would say that it's highly unlikely that you'll ever see it on any other inexpensive controls, as the percentage of users that need/want is would be really small.
    And the macro scripting in some of these controls is quite powerful, allowing you to do a lot of things.

    Documentation on the Acorn is rather sparse, but looking at the docs on the website, in looks like you need to go to their top of the line controls to get the full Macro B.
    The centroid manual that lists all of the variables says it's for the M39 and M400, which are over $11,000
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    Thanks for clarifying that.

    Similar things can be done with a KFlop, however not using any industrial standard.
    I do have a Mach 4 Industrial license, however I doubt I'll ever use it. Dynomotion have no current plan to develop a Mach4 plugin, and the only controller that might temp me would be a CS-Labs, but I far prefer the flexibility of KFlops.

    As Gerry says, anything that's not a true industrial controller, is not likely to ever have macro B.
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