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    Hi there, can anyone tell me where, mach3 stores the tool height offsets. I'm using tool 1 as the ref tool, tool 2,3,4 etc are obviously all different heights where is this info ?

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    Just checked an old mach 3 backup, and it's the tools3.dat file in the macro folder for the machine, however it's not a basic text file.
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    So I guess mach3 doesnít have a tool offset library, like my machine at work iíll check the forum and see If I can find out how it all works

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    It does, it's just the file format isn't human readable.

    All the information is viewable in the tool table within Mach, or I think there may be a program available to view the data outwith mach, but that may just exist in a figment of my imagination!
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    Config > Tool Table?
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