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    would also need to buy all new tooling
    I use tooling from 6mm through to 25mm+ shank on my Myford Super 7, by milling a relief pocket on the holder side of the shank which just accommodates the bottom lip of the Myford size QCTP holders the ability to use the tool in a larger holder isn't compromised, rigidity isn't reduced to any significant degree and centre height isn't an issue :D
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    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Is there a view on what size tool is required? For my Harrison M300, this is a semi beefy home lathe. 12mm almost looks too small. I spoke to Kenny last night (dude selling the stuff) and he says on his Haas CNC lathe, he tried bigger tools (20mm etc) and found that they took up too much space and settled with 16mm. Suppose feeds and speeds are important here too. Most of my turning is alu or softer steels.

  3. Is there enough height on a ML10 for that style tool changer?
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    Is there enough height on a ML10 for that style tool changer?
    Umm No. just checked tonight and it is only 50mm from the table to the center of the spindle.

    Looks like it will have to be custom made if I go down that route. maybe try gang tooling first.

  5. I used a mix of quick change holders, and a gang tooling block when I had my Conect lathe.

    A couple photos can be found in this album over on flickr -

    IIRC they were ER25 holders.
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