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    I work for a few years as a programmer in motion control.
    Here is some freeware I made:


    One is BMP to DXF (or GCODE) -> tracing softwer god for plasma or lasr

    Second is CAM (part maker) good for plasma laser and maybe for router
    Export to GCODE is finished but i still work on it

    I have plan to build nesting program with export to GCODE, so almost
    complete system for plasma cutting

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    Welcome to the forum, I'm sure there will be members on here interested your software, thanks for sharing


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    Hi Plasma777
    I have been messing around writing nesting software, I have the dxf to gcode sorted and have a simple bump nesting routine running, gets a bit too slow when I have more than 10 shapes on the go, but early days yet. Dumped a screenshot in the gallery. It is used with a touch screen so has big buttons.

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    Did you know that Vectric now has nesting in VCarve V5.0 and Aspire ?

    there are some video's on the Vectric home page.
    John S -

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    looks to be clever stuff, I'm glad I only have to worry about 2D . I thought about using other peoples routines under license but it gets costly rewriting the interface so we can bung it on a machine controller. Generally we flog MAP software with a machine, but its good to have a simple system the operator can use out on the machine.


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