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    Only one way to handle that, and it's to keep the brownie point account in credit. Might I suggest that your machine is capable of turning out, at a moment's notice, wooden templates to use for cutting fabric with a soldering iron (and a couple of these were gear wheels), a range of stacking wooden trays to hold more reels of cotton than you could believe exist, and a small wooden pot to hold a wad of steel wool (don't even ask). Regrettably, none of these projects has needed bevel gears but I live in hope...

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    Leadhead.....dont worry, the wife's disturbed already

    but you've got me thinking.

    In all the months that I have been studying previous bid logs I have seen weld movement, spindle fail disappointments. Dreams turned into success with a bandsaw and hand router (Joe Harris).

    So for each one read I should have been creating a Pain vs Pleasure index for the design and build stage.

    In fact, we could add the final performance into the formula...

    PPP index = Pleasure x Performance / Pain

    In fact, I think that Lee should make the PPP index calculation part of each build log

    Then noobs like me can quickly weigh up the effect of each design on the pocket, mental health, likelihood of divorce, cat leaving home.....

    Oops, sorry Leadhead, the thread is cogs 'n stuff....good luck

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    Tell the cat what you are doing, so that it can avoid getting kicked!

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