1. as it says in the title... I need to bore accurate 16, 22, 39 and 43mm holes in ali...

  2. I got one from CDCO in the US. $45 plus $15 for an MT3 shank. Reasonable postage via USPS. Frank from CDCO is a good guy to deal with and will do his best to fit whatever you buy into standard USPS package sizes.
    I get most of my tools for lathe or mill from CDCO.

    There's this eBay seller. A bit dearer but also a reliable supplier.
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  3. Thanks for that $78 plus $22 shipping is $100 = 61, about the same as I can buy it here... they all look to be the same Chinese made ones anyway...

  4. You're lucky to be able to get one locally for that price.

    Best I could do here was about $US125 and it's (probably) the same one from China.

    $US60 plus $US41 postage from the US was much better and I got to fill up the package with all sorts of other goodies that, like the boring head, have still to be used.
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    Hi Irving2008,
    Try this one it gives the option to go mt2 as well usual chinese made but seems OK(well my one was)


  6. Thanks... dont need MT2 shank as both big lathes and mill are the same MT3 taper

    Think I'll probably go for this one at RDG, 56 inc P&P and 12 bars instead of the usual 9 and is metric graduations not imperial...

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