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    I have been here for a while reading in silence the content of this great forum that has given me so much interesting information.

    I'm a Telecommunications professor at the University of Valladolid and although my work is not directly related, sometimes I need special pieces for research projects in which I work.

    The CNC world had attracted me for a long time and a year ago I bought the mechanics of a small milling machine in an ebay auction at a very good price. Since then I have been doing some work with it as a hobby and for other work projects (mainly wood and plastic).
    I have not used the machine as much as I would have liked for lack of time but also because the small size of my cnc (30x20 cm) limited me a lot, so I decided to build myself a bigger one, but that's another subject of which I will speak in the corresponding category...

    P.D. Sorry for my bad english.

  2. Welcome to the forum juavil, from down-under in Australia.

    It looks to me like your English is quite perfect!

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