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    Hello There,
    I'm in the fortunate(or unfortunate)position of having a brand new Hurco VM1 to play around with!
    I've been on the two day course at Hurco Hq in High Wycombe and have returned to put all that I've learned into practice.
    Thing is that I am struggling to do even the most basic of tasks.
    I've used cnc before but I'm finding that the new generation of m/c's with conversational programming as opposed to G codes are pretty vague.
    I've tracked down a manual from America that has been written by an Ex Hurco applications engineer in Indianapolis.and it'll be with me shortly.

    I'm looking for anyone who has a good understanding of this M/c just to run a few things by...or even someone who is experiencing the same difficulties as me.


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    Didn't Hurco show you how to switch from Conversational to G code ?
    John S -

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    Welcome :wave:

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    Hi. Please feel fortunate. The conversational control is very easy to use as long as you do not overthink it. It is meant to be a logical procession of "fill in the blanks.
    Please feel free to e-mail me with you difficulties and I will try to help. I will need to know what control you have. WinMax or Max 3? Also what software options you have.( rigid tap/helical ramp/DXF/ultipocket/3D mold) I use the Max 3 but have some experience on the Winmax. It is only slightly different.


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