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    Hi Guys

    This thread does not relate to a cnc but a conveyor belt on a non-CNC based machine. I am after a device that will allow me to control the speed of a converyor belt, i.e. some speed controler that I can adjust so when I use the turn rang of the not the speed will only go from so slow ot so fast.

    Any help much appreciated



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    You don't mention what size the motor is, this is my goto place for (quality) drives; https://inverterdrive.com/group/DC-Thyristor-Drive/
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    Hi Eddy,

    Cheers very much for the help mate. No I did not put info on the DC motor as I dont know it! I think on my variable speed drive the Potentiometer could be faulty as it turns without stoping or clicking or should I say it just keeps turning round and round. It is only 3 wires and about 4 so I will try that. Tar very much for the link I will keep that in mind.

    Tar very much


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    I managed to run a lathe spindle on one of these

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