I'm new to CNC and recently acquired a Heiz high Z s-1000. The machine is from 2007 but had never been installed. Over the last few weeks I've slowly been getting the hang of it, and all had been going fairly well (famous last words). Recently I have had a few occasional issues where the machine seems to jump mid job in the X axis, the 1st time this happened the error was about 6mm but today I had a jump of ~10cm! A re-homing check showed an x error of 22k steps. The problem appears to be worse when doing 3d carving (whether this is just because the longer run time associated with this just means it has a greater opportunity to manifest itself, i don't know). I'm using files generated with Vcarve desktop and the machine is controlled by a Heiz step control zero 2, driven by winpc-nc economy on a dedicated windows xp professional machine.
Any suggestions (preferably polite ones) or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.