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    Hello everyone,

    It's my first time here so please forgive me if I've not quite posted in the right place but this seemed like the best forum for my question.

    So here goes:-

    About a year ago I purchased a CNC Milling / Engraving Machine called a USB CNC3040T. It came complete with its own control box (T-D Axis Controller) which uses the following control boards:- JP-382C, JP-1482 and JP-1635. And finally, it also came with CNCUSB Software for controlling it.

    I am very pleased with my CNC Machine, I use it mainly for PCB prototyping and I'm getting excellent results apart from in the Z Axis where due to the unevenness of the PCB surface and the spoil board my cut depths aren't consistent.

    I've seen most people deal with this cut depth consistency problem by using AutoLevel which goes around and probes various points on the PCB to make a Z height map. This height map is then applied to the Gcode so the cutting bit can maintain an even cut depth.

    But my problem with this is that every topic I've read and every video I've watched suggests they all had to switch over to using different control boards running GRBL and then finally using ChilliPepper Hardware Fiddle as the Gcode Sender. However I don't want to go down that route if I can help it as I'm quite happy with my current control boards and tool chains.

    A friend of mine recently built himself a small destop CNC Mill for PCB work and in terms of milling, it does a great job however I'm no fan of ChilliPepper personally. I much prefer my CNCUSB software.

    So, I'm wondering if anyone out there has managed to get some sort of AutoLevel working with these CNC3040 or CNC6040 desktop milling machines without having to virtually rebuild all of the control boards?

    Now I know there's a port on the back of my control box marked probe for plugging in a touch plate but I don't know if its possible to make use of this or how to do it. So before I start getting too involved trying to make it work, I thought I'd ask around and see what others have done to get auto levelling to work.


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    I dont know much about pcbs.
    Are they uneven from the start?

    Is it possible to first mill a flat "spoilboard" and then mount the pcbs on that with double sided tape?

    Just a thought and you might have tried this already?

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    That's provided you've got a genuine version of the software/hardware, as there counterfeit boards/licenses being used by the Chinese suppliers.
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