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    Good day
    I am having a problem with "erratic cutting"..i.e. if you cut a square shape using a "multipass cut"..the first pass "sort of" cuts fine then the second and third cut start "moving/cutting" to the right handside of the first cut so you end up with 3 cuts in different places( asuming you selected a 3 pass cut)..
    I said "sort of" cuts fine because the shape is recognisable, but, on cutting the x-axis it seems the x-axis movement is "jerky" in places.

    I have run the motors from side to side and forward backward using Mach3 and keyboard keys...the movement is fine...so it seems like a Mach3 setup requirement.

    Can anyone assist...or preferably is there a "standard" setup on Mach3 available for a 6040 using Nema stepper drive motors.

    Thanks Roy- South Africa

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    not all 6040 machines use the same control electronics
    so its unlikely they use the same Mach3 setup

    some have controllers with a combined 3 axis stepper driver & breakout board plus a single stepper driver on 4 axis machines

    others use a breakout board like the TX14175 that I reverse engineered a while back
    Click image for larger version. 

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    and 3 or 4 stepper drivers like the TX14207 (TB6560 stepper)

    you will need to post more information of what is in the controller
    photos will help

    for machines using TB6560 stepper driver IC
    some suppliers play safe and use a 24V power supply that limits the maximum speed of your machine
    if you attempt to step too quickly you will lose steps

    others use a 36V power supply that over runs the TB6560
    (the TB6560's upper limit is 34V !!!! )

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