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    I have made an AC/DC power board for my CNC machine builds (I got tired to install everything as individual components, wiring them, etc…).
    With this board, installation and connection to the stepper drivers is very easy and quick to do.
    The board has individual outputs for dedicated axis and the LED's are showing what (if) outputs are "alive". All axis outputs are fused (5A fast fuse's are included).
    All tracks are made from minimum 230mil width and produced using 2oz (70micron) copper layer (instead of standard 1oz / 35 micron) and can withstand 14A load.

    Quality components are used to build the CNCPDB:

    • 2x Electrolytic Capacitor: Multicomp 100V, 10 000uf
    • 1x Bridge Rectifier: Taiwan Semiconductors 25A 600V SIL
    • 4x Rectifier Diodes: Fagor Electronica Ultra Fast Glass Passivated FUF5408 3A 1000V (Case: DO201AD)
    • 4x Fuse holder for 5x20 fuse
    • 4x Fuse holder cover
    • 4x Terminal block (4pin): Soldered type 4 pin screw terminal
    • 1x Terminal block (2pin): Soldered type 2 pin, 5.08 contact pitch, rated for 15A 300V
    • 4x Terminal block (2pin): Screw type 2 pin, 5.08 contact pitch, rated for 15A 300V
    • 2x Resistor: CR1W 22K
    • 4x Resistor: CR1/4W 15K
    • 4x Led: Green 20mA; 2.1V; 573nm; 80mcd 45
    • 4x Fuse1: 5x20 / 5A (fast)
    • 1x Fuse2: 5x20 / 15A (slow)

    Board weight approx. 320g.

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	CNCPDB-3.jpg 
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    CNCPDB dimensions:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PCB_Board_V1.1_Assembly_04.jpg 
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    I made a short video showing the voltage while using 600W 24Vx2 12.5A toroidal transformer and also a discharge speed to safe voltage.
    Capacitors are discharged by two 1W 22K resistors. Discharge time from 67.7V to 10V is approx. 2 minutes.

    I made a 3D model of assembled CNCPDB that can be downloaded from Grabcad using this link:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PCB_Board_V1.1_Assembly_03.jpg 
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Name:	PCB_Board_V1.1_Assembly_02.jpg 
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Name:	PCB_Board_V1.1_Assembly_01.jpg 
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    The package includes:

    1 x CNCPDB
    4 x Screw type 2 PIN connectors
    4 x transparent fuse covers (installed)
    4 x 5A fuses (installed)
    1 x 15A fuse(installed)
    1 x drilling template

    If interested - its only 60GBP + shipping (shipping to UK is approx. 5-7GBP).

    Contact me via PM to order or if You have any questions related to CNCPDB.

    Thank You
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