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    Know worries Boyan mate i don't not listen otherwise i would of started this by now :) I have all the steel/welding equipment ect just waiting on getting some decent engineer squares and edges but i won't be starting the frame until i am happy hence why i keep playing around with the design. Not in a bad way but i was kind of trying to do some manual labour in cad software myself rather then just using someone else's and that is why i keep coming up with these designs not that i am saying its good and i am going to build it its more of a trial and error and if i get told its bang on then it makes me feel good because i made the cad drawing if you know what i mean.

    Also not sure if you seen it in my post but when you say for experienced machinist with a mill well all my pieces that need milling will be done by someone who has the equipment this is why i need to make sure my drawing is spot on and not too complicated to put together.

    Please don't think i am on here rushing because i give you my word i am not

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