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    I'm rebuilding the gantry on a 6040 cnc.

    The x axis will have 2x 700mm hiwins (20mm) and ballscrew.

    I was going to buy 20-25mm Tooling plate to build the gantry top section and probably sides too.

    Any problems with using 5083 Tooling plate? I was originally going to use 6082 flatbar, milled.

    My main concerns are flexing and avoiding weak tapped threads.

    Thanks in advance for your time.
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    Zapp Automation make their gantry machine from 5083 tooling plate.

    Link: Zapp gantry machine

    You can also buy the tooling plate from there. That's what I am using for my gantry sides & z-axis.


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    Was actually their website I seen the tooling plate on.


    I think zapp might soon be my new bestest friend.

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    Could I see a picture of your cnc?

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