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    got quoted £2080 to supply and weld this table which a abit on the high price tbh :( i know most of you prefer steel due to it being alot cheaper but surely making the table out of aluminium extrusion isn't going to cost me £2080. if it wasn't such a large table i would try myself but i just aint got the confidence on welding such a large frame.

    Looking at video's of people putting aluminium frames together just looks like fun and easy enough to do but then i have no idea on what methods they took to make sure they had fully flat extrusions for the rails to go on. i know on steel i was going to use epoxy resin but what do you do on aluminium?

    sorry for the questions guy's i just need to start cracking on now otherwise i will just keep listening to my partner nagging telling me its just another fantasy isn't it

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