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    65mm 1.5kw water cooled 4 bearing spindle with 4 connection pins , or with earth
    one vfd
    one 3foot or 900 ish mm wide bosch Rexroth 20-145mm linear gantry
    one 20 145 Rexroth linear doofer that gives me 50mm
    one plate to bolt the z to the y
    one pair of Rexroth rails and 4 bearings about 1200 - wide ones
    one 16 or 20 - 5mm pitched screw nut and bearings
    motor mounts Rexroth 145 to Panasonic minas / Rexroth ' yaskawa motors
    65mm spindle mount to mount to the z

    90 by 90 legged bosch Rexroth 45/90 table about 900mm high
    will buy back all that I had and sold a few years ago if you havn't used it........


    oh and someone to mill me some gantry ends to take a Rexroth 20-145, I want them to look realy cool though
    i.e. they aren't going to be super tall - I want to build a sheet cutting cnc - or a plotter if you will, need not have to cut more than an inch - so want the ends milled from 40mm stock, and real pleasing to the eye - recessed, really worked
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