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    I understand what you're saying and I agree to a point. Of course it's not going to be as good as a £10k+ machine, but I don't think it's as bad as you say. The newer models are build far better than the older (coupla years only) models. Either way, my only option is to try to improve in its weaknesses as much as I can and learn whilst doing it. It's fun anyway.

    Take a look at this video (especially around 8minutes in). He's on my school of thought that the wiring is the main problem now, not the mechanics.

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    Is it supported or unsupported rails?

    If its for a hobby and occasionally using it, there is nothing wrong. / Did i just say that??? / . But if you are trying to make something and sell it... And not to speak of if you are accepting online orders. One needs a totally reliable machine for this. Or it will be pulling hair 24h
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    The y axis rails are supported, the x axis is 2x20mm unsupported shafts (and ballscrew).
    Z axis 2x13mm unsupported shafts with ballscrew.

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    Hi, you seem to be fixing problems you may not have
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    Prevention is better than cure.

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    Yep Iíll go with that. Is this your first adventure into home cnc ?

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    Yes. Never had a cnc before.
    I work with electronics. Computers, circuit boards and garage equipment (brake testers etc). I'm forever having to knock together an enclosure, adapter, circuit board or prototypes for my own test jigs etc. The CNC is gonna make my life better!

    Just today I was going to order some m16 washers with earth lugs. £36 for 50. I only need four. I'm gonna cut them myself from some 0.5mm copper sheet. That kinda thing.

    I'm totally looking forward to using it for fun though- 3d reliefs, engravings etc.

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    Morning, you sound like you have an interesting job. I also have a 6040 and had to iron out quite a few problems along the way. I've started a new blog to help newbies to home CNC to share the problems and solutions.
    The CNC Blog
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    Cool. I like that dust attachment. I was planning to do something like that. I have some 1" hose I want to attach to spindle. Could you post a pic of how you attached yours?

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    Hi there, the hose is a push fit (tightish) both onto the spindle and for the plastic hoover hose. I made it 0.1mm smaller than the dimensions on the drawing below. you can do this by reducing your cutter dia. Eg. cutter is dia 8.0 so tell the machine the cutter dia is 8.1
    The material used is 12mm MDF
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    Read my blog for help and advice for beginners on desktop CNC routers
    The CNC Blog

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