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    Quote Originally Posted by PaisleyPCdoctor View Post
    Actually, no. The aviation connector barrel
    I've heard these referred to as aviation connectors before now - as I understand it they are used for the headphones on radios. So, yes, they fly, but let's not oversell them. My main concern with them is these (and they are in common use for these machines) is that they aren't really rated for the currents that you might expect. For example

    You can see these are rated unto 1A. Probably not much of an issue for a small machine - your switching currents are going to be around 1.5-3A, but clearly out of spec for the connectors. My last iteration of <strike>upgrading</strike> updating my controller I replaced all with XLRs.
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    Like Doddy, I use XLR connectors for my steppers. Ideally these should be hard-wired but I found that I was taking the control box in and out of the router frame quite a bit while building and testing and the XLRs work fine in practice. I also use those "aviation" connectors for signal wires (limit switches, VFD control connections, etc) and they are fine for that. I bought a bag of 5 or 10 from eBay or Aliexpress or somewhere like that fairly cheaply. I think they were described as "GX16", and come with various numbers of pins. Watch for the ones with a lot of pins - they aren't the easiest thing in the world to solder if you aren't a dab hand with a soldering iron!

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    There are most definitely better connectors out there, but they are fine for the steppers. I still have one, actually 2 (male and female) at the VFD end of my spindle cable. Why 2?

    The supplied VFD output connector was male. HUGELY DANGEROUS to have live connectors exposed like that! Live side of connectors must be female.
    As I couldn't find a female panel mount socket, I opted to bring out the cable on a short lead with a female inline connector which mates with the male connector coming from spindle cable. I didn't want to wire it in directly cos I want to disconnect occasionally.

    Anyway, after about an hour of constant (light) milling, the connector (inside) was no more than room temperature. I'm not worried.

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    I think for now, I've went as far as I want to improve the wiring- mainly shielding, replacing cables and repositioning components.

    My next area that I'm going to look at is the flexing of the unsupported x-axis 20mm linear bearing shafts. They can be flexed, tilting the spindle back and forth on the y axis direction. With decent pressure on top and bottom of spindle, I can deflect it by as much as 1.5mm (estimate) either way.

    I knew about this design weakness BEFORE I purchased the mill, knowing that I may need to address it. No big deal- I'm having fun!

    I have some ideas to mitigate the effect and later to help cure it.

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    The first and easiest (and free) change is to the Z-axis assembly.
    On this model, a 35mm spacer block has been added on top of the top bearing, increasing the Z axis length/travel by 35mm.

    The way it's been built, I can very easily remove it and instead, mount it under the bottom bearing. The entire Z axis will be moved 35mm closer to the bed, but I can recover exactly that much by raising my spindle in the mount. I couldn't do that before as my tools wouldn't reach.

    This will shorten the length of the "see-saw" motion, so in effect, the spindle tool will not move as far.

    I'll measure deflection properly both before and after the modification.
    Here a picture of the spindle and the 35mm spacer block.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you're going to do what I think you are, it won't have any effect on the X-axis deflection. The pivot point (the rails), and the spindle/tool, will still be in the exact same positions relative to each other.

    It will make a difference to the Z deflection, however I'm not convinced it will be that great. The Z-axis, although using unsupported rails, is quite a compact and stiff assembly. Although changing things around will reduce the pivot distance between tool and Z-rails, I wouldn't expect it to flex that much anyway. Certainly not much in relation to the flex of the X-axis.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    You are of course right, the pivot point and tool tip will be exactly the same distance so deflection will remain unchanged. However...

    The mod will allow me to move the spindle (and tool tip) 35mm CLOSER to the pivot point (by raising the spindle motor 35mm in its mounts.

    I'll work out the deflection angle and I'll be able to exactly predict (using distance to pivot point and angle) the deflection distance before and after.

    I couldn't raise spindle any further without the mod because of tool reach.

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    Although... on thinking about it, I'm really just lowering the spindle one way just to return it to the same position another way.

    My head hurts. Lol.

    I'll need to do some more thinking. Good catch! Appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaisleyPCdoctor View Post
    My next area that I'm going to look at is the flexing of the unsupported x-axis 20mm linear bearing shafts.
    Give us a pic.

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    Here are pictures of the y axis assembly. Excessive flex in x axis direction.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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