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    Hi All..I've always loved working in wood. so when we got a Chinese 3040 cnc router with vcarve for some projects at work I fell in love! we got a much bigger machine for the work stuff (1200x1200 bed with 1.5kw motor) so I was able to take the smaller one home. considering its low 300w spindle, the machine has done some great stuff, but very slowly (or it stalls the spindle, but the mach3 feedback doesn't know its stalled).. so.. I took the plunge and bought a 2nd hand 6040 machine with 1.5kw spindle (water cooled).. and now I'm having problems. I'll post the problems in the appropriate area, asking for help. anyway.. looking forward to when I CAN get it going and do some more stuff. regards, Phil

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    Still failing to get the machine working. Is there anyone on here that is in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire or Lincs or even Yorkshire that I could bring my machine up to help me set it up? Getting ready to sell it soon!

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    PM me with a phone number and we can talk it through. I am in Cropwell Bishop, S Notts.

    Mind you - I have just lost my Windows system and am in the middle of setting up again, but at least I still have the files

    Cheers, Rob
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