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    Thanks M_c
    Balazs from uccnc got in touch with me and said pretty much the same. The pin 3 on the rj45 socket i'll wire to Dir- and link Dir - to the Pulse - . Its a shame they didn't use the pin4 on the rj45 socket as an extra contact to simplify the wiring . Although I suppose I could just bridge the pads on the circuit board between pins 3 and 4 or just link at the stepper driver (probably easier) I wish the manual for the hdbb2 was a bit less technical. For simple folk like me

    Thanks for your help


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Boyan Silyavski View Post
    Sorry, the manual i have downloaded showed only 2 possible connections, which is strange. Good to know. I thought that strange anyway.
    The EM series, although very similar features, have variations between the drives, so you get the generic EM series manuals, and drive specific datasheets.
    EM402 and 806 are very similar apart from voltage/current ratings.
    EM503 and 705 are also similar.

    However the pairs vary in what inputs they can handle. 402 and 806 are step/dir only with a minimum pulse timing of 2.5uS, whereas the 503 and 705 can also handle CW/CCW, but have a minimum pulse width requirement of 10uS.
    The physical inputs/outputs are very similar, except IIRC on the 503 and 705 the enable signal is 24V tolerant, whereas the 402 and 806 you need to add an external resistor if using more than 5V for enable.
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    Well I'm getting to grips with the HDbb2 board wired up a stepper power supply the Leadshine em705 drivers and the bob. The motor did what it was supposed to do went round. When I pushed the velocity settings up on the motor the driver stalled into red light error. I could only reset the drivers by turning the power on and off. Would I be correct in assuming that the drivers could be reset with the FLT+ or - connection. If i'm right where would I connect this to the bob ? Any help gratefully accepted.


  4. FLT is an output signal.
    If you want to reset the drives without having to cycle power, you have to use the enable signal, and configure the drives via software to reset on enable.
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    Hi M_C

    Would that be the ENA+ or - connection on the 705 ? or would that be in the uccnc software. There is a reset input on pins 23-24 and error I/O on pins 21-22 on the hbbb2 board could I use those connections. The instructions on the hdbb2 board are not very Wally friendly.



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