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  1. Hi I have been in engineering for some 30 years in various forms, and i have always wanted some machinery of my own.

    about 15 years ago i started tocollect some machine tools and to make contacts with like minded people, i now own a farly comprehensive workshop with the following tools.

    viceroy vertical mill, (ex schools)
    Kerry 1324 centre lathe
    Harrison Tool & cutter grinder
    Drill Press
    Startrite bandsaw 14-s-10 (ex schools)
    Jones & Shipman 540P surface grinder
    Norton DB5 Flypress
    And an unfinished flatbed cnc router


    I also run a small foundry where i can cast various metals upto Cast iron, at a push.

    The only thing i do not have is an unlimited expance if time to play.

    Well thats me ( roger):feedback:

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    Welome :wave:

  3. Thanks,

    On a three day week for now, looking forward to a full paypacket.....
    So in the meantime i am doing somthing i should have done long ago

    Tidying up!!


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    Hi Roger

    I see you are still about and great site by the way.

    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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