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    Hi all

    I'm just starting out on my path to being a CNC noob and wondered where people get their tooling from and what tooling they recommend to start out with. I have a Sieg X2 and intend to cut Delrin and Acetal so am thinking that 2 flute un coated carbide would be good; I just need to know where the cheapest place to get them is so that I can destroy a few without cringing too much.

    I also I want a 3 jaw self centering lathe chuck with soft jaws and wondered where the best place to get them from is.


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    I use APT for common stuff - https://www.shop-apt.co.uk/

    Although if you want anything delivered before Christmas, you'll need to order before 12 tomorrow, as they shut until the 3rd.
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    I use these for most jobs; https://www.toolstation.com/shop/Pow...er+Bits/sd2579
    It's best to use a lead-in move with these because they are not ideal for vertical plunging, the carbide cutting edges do not meet in the middle on the end.
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    China. Banggood.

    They have the basic stuff at unbeatable prices. And what was not valid a couple of years ago, now is: they are top notch.
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