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    In our attempt to make this version of BOBcad-CAM work we have run into an issue. We need to chamfer the bottom side of a through hole in BOBcad-CAM. Most of our drawings are done through 2D in the program and we need to know a couple things on this.

    1. How do you program a bottom chamfer tool using a Multi-Master top and bottom chamfer tool in BobCAD V25? Tool information at http://www.iscar.com/eCatalog/item.a...app=0&GFSTYP=M

    2.Is there a way to program bottom chamfers into through holes using 2D drawings or would we need to use solid images to achieve this?

  2. You are asking V25 to do something not supported at it's release but it should be possible.

    You can do it with 2D geometry with a little ingenuity, I use a thread milling operation with one turn and near-zero pitch to generate code to cut a groove at the bottom of a blind hole, this gives you the lead-in and lead-out to get in and out of the hole clearing the cutter, you can edit the Z move round the one turn out manually fairly easily if you need to.

    If you need more help you can give me a file to put an example into for you,
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    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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