Living near Southampton has some advantages - fast epoxy delivery!

Poured again tonight, and fingers crossed, I think we've nailed it.

We mixed in a very wide tub - an old decking screws container. Did the entire 1.3L in one go, adding 175g 105 and 50g alternatively, mixing a little inbetween. The mixup process took about 6.5mins start to finish, then did another final mix for 1.5min until no streaks were visible and the colour was entirely uniform. We then transferred to a 2L ice-cream tub which had two 8mm holes in the side at the bottom corner taped over (we measured the flow time of 0.5L of water through a 5mm hole, and decided it needed to be 8mm. Found about 20seconds for water through 8mm - so decided that should be a nice 1-2min pour of the epoxy which worked well. Second hole was a backup and never used.

The pour went really well - managed to time it so that the fizzy bubbles at the end of the tub landed in the centre of the bridge. Surface looks glassy smooth - had two 1-2mm bubbles on the main beams, but managed to easily pop them with a scribe. There are some very small <0.5mm bubbles in the epoxy itself throughout - but I'm not too worried about these as they're so small.

Weather looks good for the week, not dipping below 14 degrees, and the garage was 23 degrees when we poured. I haven't used any artificial heating yet - the plan is to poke the bridge section on Sunday, and if its still not gelled, we'll start heating then.

Thanks for the help everyone... fingers crossed!!

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