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    The names Rob

    I have a modest home workshop all manual machines at the moment, but I did start a Chester 626 mill CNC conversion a few years back that has stalled due to work and other projects,
    but I am looking forward to getting back on with the project in the new year.

    Anyway All the best, Rob

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    Hi Rob welcome to the forum. Start a build log re the Chester and get it started again. Keep all the questions in one place and remember there are no stupid questions only stupid answers
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    I would certainly be interested to follow progress of a 626 conversion. I have a Warco VMC which is a very similar machine, and which will get CNC-converted one day.

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    Thank you for the Welcome Lads,

    I already have a few photos of the conversion so far, so I will start a build log.

    Thanks Rob


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