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    Hello everyone I just wanted to share a thank you to Fred at BST Linear Motion. I know a lot of people use him. I have only made 1 order with him but this morning I had received a Christmas parcel saying happy Christmas (Not saying what it is in case others have them & haven't opened it )

    The service was is great for him but I wanted to tell people because people in this world are quick to mention the bad things in life but things like this go unrecognized.

    I hope that you are all looking forward to Christmas and I hope that you all get the new toys you want :)

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    Sounds good !
    I've used him quite a few times and always been pleased with the parts and the service
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    My first order from Fred took 4 days to get from China to remote Western Australia and was very well packed. I nearly fell off my chair! We usually waited a week or more to get a parcel from Western Australia to remote Western Australia.
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    Fred is a Super Star but If any of them look like Ferrero Roche then don't eat them as my mate did...Lol, they are just a fancy Tea. The look on his face was priceless when he started spitting out Tea leaves...
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