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    changing spindlespeed in deskproto doesnt affect the machining time.
    If your CAM doesn't do it then something which must be part of your workflow must change feed speed with RPM - for any given material/machine/cutter combination there will be a small range of Feed per Tooth values which will yield optimal finish, tool life and job time.

    Use a Feeds & Speeds calculator to get a ball-park figure and refine that for your machine through trial and error, a job which runs with a given RPM and feed speed can be problematic at half the RPM, you will be asking your cutter, machine structure and work to deal with double the depth of cut per tooth with significantly increased forces on everything.

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    as for the cutter i have no idea what tool is best used accept the ballnose that only gets shown in tutorials.
    Even when you have 4th axis full rotary available it's common practice to rough out with an efficient cutter, a 3-axis tool path and indexed moves then semi-finish and finish with rotary because that's more efficient strategy for time and tooling costs.

    HTH ;-)
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Thank you, the more i play around with it the more i bring the total time down but i won't know for sure how well the detail and how smooth it is until i test on the machine.

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