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    I forgot to say earlier , I used a piece of software called gearotic 3 to calculate the belt length from the pulley sizes and pitch centres.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukmxer View Post
    Just installed a tachometer. And it looks like the speeds were out.Attachment 23738
    You'll probably find somebody has had it apart at some point, and not realigned the gauge correctly.
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    I put paint marker on the rack before I started and put it back on where it came off. So it was probably wrong to start with.
    I was so giddy about the tach working I never thought about that.
    Thanks for your help m_c. Looks like I will have to separate it again.
    Come back in now to thaw out, and put my order in to huddersfield bearings for the Y axis belt and pulleys.

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