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    I have for sale some Ally plates. 6082 T6 (HE30 TF in old money or commonly know as Dural in years gone by) So these are ideal for machining, anodising and welding. These plates are also strained hardened which makes the material more stable, although I doubt that would bother anyone on here. It just makes it a slightly better material stability wise than standard.

    Plate size 312 x 133 x 6mm. The overall may vary slightly by the odd mm but that's all. Please note as per the image there is a small cut out on one end of the plates and also 2 holes each end of the plates.

    I will be selling these by the 10 off at 2.50 per plate or 25.00/10. Sent by courier at a guess about 8 quid from a cheapie courier, or you can send you own courier to collect and sent me the label (preferred)

    The slight down side is i have a very busy new year to go back to. I will have to pack these at my leisure so you may have to be patient for a week or two.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just to add to the above post. I have some more 6082 to add to the thread. 1 x 1 inch square bar and i think some other odds and ends, so you guys that have shown interest may want until i update the thread. The plates you want will be put aside for you. I also have a fair amount of this to shift so there should be plenty for all who are interested.

    Also regarding the couriers. Obviously i am not responsible for the couriers out there and we all know what they can be like at times. So if you want to insure the package at additional cost, please say so. The risk is down to you (Or arrange your own courier you trust) It is better for me but not essential, if you can use your own courier as i have lack of time and it will speed up the process.

    Everything will be tracked etc and forwarded to you.

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    Sorry for the delay guys...

    First off, 6082 x 3mm disks 237 Diameter 10 off approx 2.50 each. The odd one or two of these has picked up some minor corrosion, but it is minor as shown in the pic.

    6082 Plate 330mm x 68mm x 6 mm as above just smaller 1.50 each approx 10 available

    1" x 1" (25.4) Ally square bar 6082. 240mm long approx (varies) I will bundle up about 5 pieces and some smaller offcuts for 7.00 This will be random mix but i will ensure you get several longer pieces in the bundle. 5 bundles approx Please see my new thread for longer pieces.

    Delrin blocks. Please note for those that don't know: Delrin and Acetal are the same thing, they are just different manufacturers using different trade names. The only difference I'm aware of is is Delrin has slightly better insulating properties. For all intents and purposes they are the same thing and machine the same.

    Block sizes 31.5 x 30 x 31.5 Approx. 4 square faces and 2 sawn, please note the drill dimple in one end as shown in the image. 15 blocks for 5.00 Approx 100 + available

    Ally plate 5083. 175mm wide x 6mm various lengths up to 1450 mm long and many shorter. Machines fine but not as good as 6082. (5083 is the same grade as tooling plate a lot of you are familiar with) this is just rolled and not cast. Please let me know of any interest in this i have yet to work any prices.

    As mentioned before all plus courier cost.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for all your help Scott

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    Hi Paul,

    Many thanks for taking the time to visit. It really was a genuine pleasure to meet you.


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    Please see my new thread for longer pieces.

    Where is this?

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    Sorry, the two threads have been split up in the list since posting.


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