Happy new year everyone!

As I will be moving to new premises this year, we are looking to clear any large stock that has been left over from 2017.

All the EMV-25VBB's have been sold and we are now left with the last of the EML-290. The lathe (2100) will be bundled with a wedge type quick change tool post (worth 150) and for another 100, I will throw in the stand. The drip tray is already included in the box. Of course the price include UK delivery! So for 2200 you can get your year off to a very good start!

The EML-290 boasts a massive 38mm (approx. 1.5″) spindle bore with a MT5 taper, 290mm swing over bed (11.4″) and 700mm (27.5″) between centres. Suffice to say, there is plenty of room for most workpieces on this machine.

As standard, the EML-290 comes with a full package of accessories: Fixed and travelling steadies, dead centres, face plate, 4 jaw chuck, all the tools you would need and of course the key to the CamLock chuck!

Screw cutting is a breeze with this machine as is facing off thanks to the integral screwcutting gearbox and the power crossfeed. The latter runs of a secondary shaft, just like on industrial machines.

This machine really does boast some other cool features too, for example it has a dovetailed cross-slide to allow fitment of a rear toolpost, or a vice! It is also ready to accept an auxiliary milling head too.

Obviously, no self respecting turner would tolerate anything less than a lever locking tailstock.

A DRO can also be supplied fitted or for retrofit upon request at extra cost.

Get in touch if you are interested!

Specs here: