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    Fusion is great for Hobbyists but the regularity of updates, and FUBARs, combined with a complete lack of genuinely up to date documentation for the current version on any given day leaves me viewing it as an interesting way to add uncertainty to the future of your use of CAD/CAM.
    I used to think Autodesk would at some point skank everyone with a move to subscription but I've now realised they've already skanked everyone into a perpetual Beta Programme with no prospect of a finished product whilst leveraging all the testing and feedback for their subscription products :D
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Thanks guys I'm thankful for the input I will check out vcarve, cambam, fusion360 (free)

    just need to fix my setup atm as nothing is responding for me?

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    oh on a side note I just seen a thread about the parallel ports and it was mentioned that a parallel port to USB connector will not work... I am confused because the machine came with a Parallel port to USB connector?

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