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    I'm thinking about investing some time in designing a small (~800x600) router to cut upto and including aluminium. My existing work area supports a bench-top design, sat on a DIY pine workbench. But, is there a genuine advantage in knocking up a free-standing steel frame for this. Would a steel frame, say 100x50x3 box (it's a good price, and the online deflection calculators suggest it's a good geometry) offer advantage over a floating bed made from the same, sat on top of a bench top.

    I do have a tig welder that's collecting dust.

    Sorry - my background is in the soft-skills of sparks and computers, I don't understand this 'ere mechanical stuff.

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    My machine is a 900x600 but it's footprint is about 1200x1250 so you would need a large bench for a start.
    Without some extra mass the thing would bounce about all over the place because the forces involved are a lot more than anticipated.
    I would always build a frame on which to place the machine but it needs to be designed correctly.
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Eddy - aha, I was preoccupied with rigidity, not mass - something of an oversight of mine.

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